3 Humbucker LP Wiring Harness

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If you are a proud owner of a 3 humbucker LP guitar, also know as the Black Beaty, this is the harness you want.
Designed with functionality in mind, this harness offers threee separate volume controlls along with a master tone. With this setup, you can play in any combination of pickups, fade in and out any position and truly take advantage of the unique design of your guitar. 500K Long or Short shaft CTS potentiometers
  • Darkmoon® Oil filled vintage guitar tone caps .022uF
  • Switchcraft input jack
  • High-quality Switchcraft
  • Vintage correct 22AWG braided conductor wire
  • Vintage 50's or Modern style wiring
  • Push/Pull pot options to split humbuckers
  • Hand soldered using high conductivity silver solder for optimal tone

*Please note that we only use standard 3/8" diameter pots, if you have an Asian, or Mexican made instrument, chances are that you will have to enlarge the holes with a tapered reamer to ensure a correct fit.