ES-175 Wiring Harness

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This harness is designed for ES-175 style guitars that have a layout similar to LP guitars with the switch located at the top. Designed specifically to be channeled through the F holes, this harness will save you time and sanity. Available in a push/pull configuration to split humbuckers.

  • 500K Short shaft CTS, or 500k Bourns mini Push/Pull potentiometers.
  • 50's style wiring
  • Darkmoon® Oil filled vintage guitar tone caps .022uF
  • Switchcraft selector switch and input jack
  • Vintage correct 22AWG braided conductor wire
  • Hand soldered using high conductivity silver solder for optimal tone

Please note that we only use standard 3/8" diameter pots, if you have an Asian, or Mexican made instrument, chances are that you will have to enlarge the holes with a tapered reamer to ensure a correct fit.