New Engraving Option Is Now Available!

A new custom engraving option is now available on our website. Check out the new powerful UI that will make the designing process simple and effective.

New ES-175 Wiring Harness Now Available

Save yourself the headache and pick up one of our preassembled harnesses for ES-175 style guitars. This is a direct replacement with a perfect fit.

New 3 HB LP Wiring Harness Now Available

Now you can upgrade your 3 humbucker guitar. Our wiring harness is designed with versatility in mind and allows you to use your pickups in any combination.

Supreme Passive Pickups

Custom Humbuckers by Darkmoon®

In the past years, we have conducted extensive research and worked alongside the best musicians, manufacturers, and sound engineers. We have done all of this in order to create the most versatile and comprehensive lineup of guitar pickups. We believe that tone should be on par with the build quality, which is why we choose to strictly use components made only by American manufacturers. Whether you are looking to get the classic P.A.F. tone, or a wall of mids and bass to move mountains, or get lost in the abyss, we are sure to have a model to satisfy any musical tastes. We are confident that the delta blues musician, the doom metal bands, or anyone in between will be able to find a pickup to satisfy that thirst for incredible sound.

Darkmoon Vintage Series

Vintage Series

Honoring the roots of electric guitar tone, we present to you, the Vintage Series. Made from vintage correct materials, these humbuckers will bring your guitar back to its glory, or transport a reproduction project back into 1957.

Darkmoon Black Arts Series

Black Arts Series

Black Arts series are the ultimate tone machines for any metal and high-gain player. Models ranging from tight and articulate sets down to high-output fuzz guzzling giants. Rest assured that with these humbuckers, bad tone will be a thing of the past.

Premium Guitar Wiring Harness Kits


Only high quality custom CTS® pots are used in our guitar wiring harness kits


We've put our trust in Switchcraft's unbeatable reliability and quality of toggle switches and jacks

Darkmoon® Oil Tone Caps

Outstanding performance of our vintage oil filled caps makes our harness kits valuable beyond belief.

Experts say that a proper guitar wiring harness accounts for 30% of your tone. Well, we do not take these experts lightly as we offer you and your guitar only the highest quality components. If you feel like it's time to replace those miniature jokes of potentiometers, factory made PCBs, and capacitors that were not meant to be installed in the first place, then our harness will be a great fit for you. We carry a wide range of drop in harnesses for Les Paul®, SG, ES-335, Strat®, Tele®, P-Bass® and J-Bass® guitars. Custom wiring options are also available upon request.


Virtually unlimited options for most humbucker equipped guitars. Options of coil tapping, treble bleeds, 50's and modern wiring options. If you don't see what you need here, we can customize any harness for you.

For Single Coils And Bass

All of the major models covered such as Strat® and Tele® as well as P&J Bass harnesses. Endless custom options only one phone call away. Your guitar deserves to have the most reliable, quality components that deliver superb sound.

Custom Shop

Customize Your


Wide selection of premium AlNiCo and ceramic magnets.


Choose whether you want high output, or a vintage chime and we will take care of the rest.


All of the classic and premium covers, engraving and etching, exotic inlays and custom design from your sketches.

Don't see what you need in our signature series? Well, then it is the right time to get designing and building. We pride ourselves in the ability to offer hundreds of different customizations in order to bring you a truly unique experience. If you have a certain tone in mind, but are tired of endlessly listening to sound clips and reading reviews, you can rely on our knowledge and expertise to build you a perfect set of pickups.


Customize every aspect of a classic 6 string humbucker. Outstanding tone should always come with a beautiful look.

Single Coils

Single coils are extremely sensitive to what components you use, that's why we give you all of the options possible to achieve the perfect build.

Handcrafted Guitar Cables

Every guitarist needs a reliable cable; we know that the last thing you want to worry about is a failing cord during a show. We have designed a guitar cable that can withstand any situation. We guarantee that handling noise and loose solder joints will be a thing of the past, and with the lowest capacitance in the market, no tone will be sacrificed.


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