Death Valley

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Overwound bridge gives you the best crunch, your tubes will be driven with a chunky midrange and sizzling leads. We left the neck a bit underwound to preserve clarity and presence, it also works great with those vintage fuzz pedals. All in all, this is a very versatile set that can handle any playing style you could throw at it.

  • Neck - 7.7k AlNiCo-V
  • Bridge - 9.9k AlNiCo-V

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    Death Valley pickups

    Posted by Landon on May 9th 2019

    It’s difficult to overstate just how much I love the tone from these pickups. The neck pickup is now the favorite of all my guitars. The bridge pickup has a crisp brightness and clarity that you don’t often hear with covered humbuckers. I used them in an LP body I bought as a kit. To me, the tone is better than any LP standard I’ve ever played. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the other Darkmoon pickup styles in the future.

  • 5
    Death Valley

    Posted by Kris Speeetjens on Apr 24th 2019

    Great clean, better distorted. Used these as replacements in my 2008 Les Paul Standard and extremely happy with the results.

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    Add some heat to your vintage sound- Amazing Palm-mutes!

    Posted by E.C. on Mar 13th 2019

    The Death Valley (bridge) rests in a nice pickup Goldilocks zone between "vintage, but not tight" and "tight and hot, but too warm". This pup has the tonal characteristic of a brightly-voiced classic PAF, but has enough output that it is more focused and tight than many PAF's I've had the fortune of playing. Plug it into a JCM800 and put a tubescreamer in the loop, and you'll never stop playing all of your favorite Thrash songs from the 80's. The packaging and black nickel cover are pretty sweet too.

    Highly recommended for: 80's Metal sound, early Thrash/Speed Metal, any style in which palm-muting is a major technique

    Specs: 4c, non-wax-potted, 53mm spacing, black nickel cover

    Gear used: 5150, Marshalls, Bogner Brixton, tubescreamer, 4x12 w/ v30's, 25.5"-scale guitar

  • 5
    The Best

    Posted by Matt O'Connor on Aug 23rd 2018

    Exactly what I needed. Warm, vintage tone with a good amount of heat. The inlay is really cool too, matches my fret markers.