The Witch

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Tight and articulate bass response, AlNiCo VIII in the bridge gives it fullness and removes the harsh tones that plague ceramic magnet owners. Massive palm mutes will have you djent for days, this set will make best friends with low tunings. Natural compression of dynamics remains clarity under any amounts of gain.





17.87 k


5.56 H

Resonant Peak

Full - 5713 Hz

Split - 9629 Hz





17 k


5.1 H

Resonant Peak

Full - 5809 Hz

Split - 9750 Hz

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  • 5
    The Best

    Posted by Matthew Rennie on Mar 11th 2021

    Just the best, articulate tone high to low. Unbelievably happy with my bridge pickup. Also, had the custom shop make matching single coils for my middle and neck. My new number one guitar. Strat heaven.

  • 5
    tribal guitar

    Posted by Joanne Murphy on May 6th 2020

    These look so good in my tribal guitar I wouldn't actually mind if they were run of the mill..but they are not run of the mill they are the business . Darkmoon is the only place I will buy from now and once people experienced their equipment we won't be alone in saying that . Own lots of guitars here and all are getting upgrades from Darkmoon ,my SG has their wiring harness and Aurora (I now own the best sounding SG on earth) my tribal has the Witch set and I play anything I want on it because the pickups are so versatile ..they were warmer than I thought they would be (in a very good way) in the clean position but hit the gain and get rocking and you will be OMG smiling from ear to ear. Also it's Darkmoon amp to guitar cables only now also .(yep that good )'
    This place is the best find ever , highly recommend to all.
    Know your options though, go find a Luther or guitar tech and get them to tell you what options you need on your chosen guitar model if you don't know .

  • 5
    Simply the best!

    Posted by Sylvan on Jul 6th 2019

    Wow, I’m totally blown away by how amazing this sounds! I took a shot in the dark and tried Darkmoon and think they are 2nd to none. What I love about this pickup is how clear and articulate this pickup sounds, no matter how much hi gain this pickup has amazing clear tone that never gets mushy, Ice picky, or noisy. This is the best pickup and a must if you are into palm muteing and like every note you play to be clear and stand out when using hi gain. This pickup can nail any type of metal music, especially black, Death, and progressive. I’d go so far to say it’s a holy tone grail for the above mentioned styles. I’m going to track with it on my next album and think it’s worth every penny.

  • 5
    The God of tone

    Posted by Chris Crumpton on Nov 8th 2018

    I ordered a set of these because I saw them on Instagram and was taken by how gorgeous they are. There's just nothing like this out there that looks like this. When ordering I contacted Mark and inquired about customizing these to meet my very insane quest for perfect tone. I vaguely and horridly described to Mark what I wanted to sound like and two weeks later these showed up with my personalized lunar mouth graphic and the sexy abalone covers. After I installed them I plugged up, played a few minutes and then promptly contacted Mark to thank and praise him. He perfectly nailed every facet of what I wanted above and beyond what I thought would have been possible without that request. Let me tell you now that there is not a single pair of pickups on this planet that can touch these Darkmoon's. I've owned every single big hitter pair of pickups and most all of them were customized to some degree from bkp, Duncan, and various others yet none of them hold a candle to my Darkmoon's. These have all of the clarity and definition of the modern prog era pickups yet they have a more organic and nuanced tone rich with Dynamics and harmonics. I can dial in the heaviest djent style tone and I can dial in the crunchiest vintage of tones. I can do jazz, I can do blues, I can do Gypsy polka if I do desired and these pickups would own the sound. From this point forward I will only use Darkmoon in my guitars because nothing else can even come close to what these can do while being the most gorgeous looking pickups ever produced. I really wish I could post pics in this review to show you just how amazing they are. The guys at Darkmoon are the best at what they do and they deserve to be a staple in the industry. It's criminal that they're not widely known and revered for the skill at which they operate. If you want the perfect pair of pickups then look no further. If you want to sound like you and not sound like everyone else then this is the pickups for you. If you want the most high end pickups ever produced then these are the picks for you. If you worship at the altar of tone then welcome to the church of Darkmoon' because this is where you belong.